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What is The #spedchat Project?
Core Values (via the Council for Exceptional Children)
  • The dignity and worth of all individuals.
  • Social justice, inclusiveness, and diversity.
  • Professional excellence, integrity, and accountability.
  • Rich and meaningful participation in society for all individuals with exceptionalities.
  • Effective individualized education for all individuals with exceptionalities.
  • The importance of families in the lives and education of all individuals with exceptionalities.
  • Collaboration and community building to improve outcomes.

Where can you find #spedchat?
Well, we have two types of conversation. #spedchat is a twitter hashtag used for
(1) daily, continuous research and resource sharing on issues related to and effecting students with disabilities, &
(2) a scheduled weekly twitter chat on Tuesday nights from 9:00-10:00 EST.

Join us as you have time, and/or participate on Tuesday nights. Just include "#spedchat" in your tweets.

#spedchat Moderators:
Deven Black aka @DevenKBlack (formerly @spedteacher)
Damian Bariexca aka @Damian613
Chris Vacek aka @ChrisVacek
Matthew Ray aka @MrMatthewRay

#spedchat Guest Moderators:
Morgan Kolis aka @Room5Friends
Nicole Eredics aka @Inclusive_Class

The #spedchat Project wiki Curator:
Matt Vannice aka @w3ightless